We do provide on-site and on-line consultation, to assist you on designing the perfect rug for your interior.

We have all the tools from unlimited colours, designs and rug textures to create the perfect rug for your interiors.
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Custom & Bespoke

We have the latest in 3D design and rendering programs. This allows you the opportunity to see what your end product will look like before we manufacture it.

Our clients’ options are by no means limited to our catalogue and we are confident that we will be able to customize any design to suit any requirement.

We have our own in-house dyeing facility, therefore we are able to match specific colours.

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Contract Project

Brabetz is renowned for creating durable rugs and beautiful distinguished designs for hotels, offices, retail stores, luxury yachts and jets. We work with interior designers & architects on creating their concept idea into reality. Giving the designer the freedom to create. We can manufacture in any size, shape, design or colour.



We do deliver Locally and Worldwide, we will give you the best options in delivering your rug to your required destination. We deliver from Monday to Friday.

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Care & Cleaning

Daily Cleaning

Regular vacuuming is a primary consideration in rug care.  On a cut pile rug an upright beater/brush-type vacuum cleaner is recommended. Make sure that the vacuum beater or brush is not set to low. This might irritated the pile surface of the rug and cause sprouting of some of the tufts of yarn.

Spot Cleaning

A handmade rug offers excellent durability. They can be cleaned and repaired almost infinitely and should last a lifetime. We recommend treating everyday stains and spillages by mopping up the area and using a solution of soft soap in warm water if required. Accidents do happen and if you experience a serious spillage please call our factory for a recommended cleaners and advice. “BLOT DO NOT RUB”

Professional Cleaning

Rugs should be cleaned when need it. This depends on how much use the rug gets and how dirty it is. A regular cleaning every one or two years is a good rule of thumb. For Hand tufted rugs from Wool or Wool and Silk, a steam cleaning method is recommended, with Viscose Rugs Dry cleaning with a dry powder is recommended. These are the most effective and least damaging to the rug. Make sure you use a qualified a professional cleaning company.

Fluff and Shedding

New rugs can shed a bit of fluff for several months, which is created from excess fibres that were not properly incorporated into the yarn during spinning. This is normal and is not a manufacturing defect, this is not a sign that your rug is falling apart! It is best to vacuum a rug regularly at first – after some time the fluffing will lessen and eventually cease.


Wool & Viscose Yarns prepared by hand is not completely uniform in colour or thickness. When this yarn is dyed it does not take the colour evenly, and these inconsistencies produce a subtle stripe effect in the finished rug, called ‘abrash’. This is a desirable feature of hand knotted rugs, imparting them with life and character. Rugs made without abrash appear flat and look machine made.


Brabetz uses only the best European dyes that offer the most resistance to fading . However, there are no dyes that are completely photostable or impervious to fading in sunlight or washing over time. Over time, any material left in strong sunlight or reflected sunlight will fade. The best way to mitigate this effect is to turn a rug from time to time so that at least any fade is even.

Loose threads

When a rug is hand-knotted on the loom the initial pile is significantly longer, and is then sheared down to the desired height. Occasionally some longer threads are not cut and become embedded in the pile. Over time these threads can protrude and should be carefully cut with sharp scissors. It is also possible that an individual knot has missed the warp or weft and therefore comes undone, this also creates a loose thread and in this instance it is best to gently pull it out. As each knot is separate the rug will not unravel, and the surrounding knots will simply fill in the space. If a thread does not come out easily when pulled it should be trimmed.

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